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First, my level starts the player off in a safe zone where the player drops down into a pit. If the player is just running into it, they will most likely fall between the two closest platforms. There the player will be stuck until they decide to grab the gem which gives the player a stronger jump. With the new jumping force, the player is barely able to platform out of the pit. You may also notice that the pit is also too short for a jump prior to picking up the gem. 

Next the high jump will also be used to pick up the next gem above the moving platform. The player will have to use their new jump to reach the gem while also platforming on the moving platform hovering over spikes. 

The twist for the next gem is to skillfully platform up by using in-air directional controls to jump around and on top of the platforms. The twist is at the highest platform that has spikes on the bottom of, making the space between the two highest platforms more shallow. This should increase the player's caution when making the next jump because if they are not careful, they will jump into the spikes, or possibly fall to their death. 

Once the player reaches the highest  platform, they will attempt to make on grand leap of faith to the right to progress. This leap of faith is not possible to make from any other platform. At the end of the level the player will use their new height to climb the death flag to continue on to the next level.

Thank you to Brackeys for the template and incredibly helpful videos.

Thank you to ANSIMUZ for the free assets at the Unity Asset Store



Unity 2D Level Final Source WL.zip 29 MB
Installer.zip 2 MB
Unity 2D Level Final WL Executable.zip 12 MB

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